It Can Be Tough to Clean Car Interior Carpet

Do you have a carpet in your car that needs attention? If you do, then you need to read this article. It will give you some tips on cleaning your automobile’s interior. Keep reading and have a clean car in no time.

With auto interiors, the trick is to not over wet the carpet. Cars interiors are loaded with electronics and wiring. The last thing you want to do is get theses things wet. Use caution to not use too much carpet cleaner. So to begin with auto carpet cleaning you need to first thoroughly vacuum your carpet. Take your time and do a thorough job, The more soil you remove in the dry form, the less clean you need to use later. After you have vacuumed the carpet, you can begin the actual cleaning process. Get a can of foam carpet cleaner available at all auto parts stores. Follow the directions on the can for application. You will spray the foam cleaner on the carpet and brush it in. Next, you will get a clean cotton towel and wipe up the carpet with the towel. Be gentle and do not agitate the carpet too much. Finally, allow the carpet to dry and thoroughly vacuum it to remove the dried carpet shampoo.

That is all there is to it. Carpet in autos is quite easy to clean. Since it is usually an olefin carpet it typically also cleans up well. If you would rather not clean it yourself call a local carpet cleaner and see if they offer interior cleaning.

A car interior carpet can be harder to clean than the floor coverings in your home. You have to work in a tighter space, and various items will get in your way such as the steering wheel etc. The easiest way to clean a carpet is to remove it from the car and give it a good dusting. This is not always possible though as some floor coverings have been glued down.

If the carpet has been stained, and it probably has, you can treat it with particular shampoo. Some stains will be difficult to remove, but it is amazing what some elbow grease can achieve. Don’t make the classic mistake of using too much shampoo as it will take forever to get rid of all the suds. It is better to shampoo the carpet twice than use too much to start with. You can gently scrub the material but don’t go too hard on it, or you could damage it.

If you have been able to remove the car interior carpet, use a small vacuum to clean the interior of the car. I know you may think it is pointless as nobody will see that area when the floor covering is replaced but it is important to keep a car clean. You do not want an infestation of any pests.

Let your car interior carpet dry under natural sunlight as it will help to destroy any remaining germs. It is worth investing in some floor mats and also trying not to eat or drink in the car to keep the mess to a minimum. Get into the habit of cleaning your automobile on a regular basis as little and often is so much easier than having to do a huge job because you haven’t vacuumed for months.

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